Video filming is one of the best ways to preserve your wedding memories as you can capture the mood of your wedding day both in motion and in sound. It is advisable to use more than one camera as you can capture more action. If the budget is limited, one camera can still do a good job if you work with experienced videographers or photographers.

At VIP STUDIOS we have various types of video cameras. Commercial cameras used for television are the best and the quality speaks for itself. Pay us a physical visit or via our website and witness how we have invested in making your day memorable.

To add fun, ask your videographers to interview your wedding party, close friends and family members, asking them to make a wish or toast to both of you as a married couple, or to tell any ‘wild’ stories they may want to share for the record.

Things to beware of:

Just as in photography, companies often use their best work to sell their packages. If they have more than one videographers, ensure you view the work of the videographers who will be shooting your wedding and develop a rapport and also so you can get a good idea of his/her style and personality.

Find out what is included in each package you are considering; hours of coverage titling in-camera editing or post editing. If you will be getting married in a church find out the church’s policies regarding videography. Some churches do not allow videographers to be close to the main ceremony. Iron out such rules with your church before the event.

Most companies will charge more to shoot your dowry ceremony, evening party and your honeymoon. Prices in the market vary considerably. The most expensive is not necessarily the best. When comparing prices, consider quality, value and price. Two camera are the most convenient and may be all you need. You may use more including a jib or aerial cameras.

Consider hiring a company that offers both videography and photography. You may save overall. However you need to be sure they are good at both like VIP STUDIOS.EDITING

Most companies will give you row footage and an edited version. If you wish to have special background music to be included, discuss it with the company so as to make the allowance when editing.

Titles and subtitles can be edited into your video before or after filming. This is important since many years from now you may not remember the exact time of your wedding or the name of your wedding party members. Titles may include the date, time and location of the wedding, the bride and the groom’s names, and names of special family members and/or the wedding party. Titles may also include special thanks to those who help with the wedding. You can send these people a copy of your video after the wedding. This’ a very appropriate and inexpensive gift!  


With advanced technology most jobs will be presented on DVD but you can get VHS in addition if desired. Should you need extra copies? Professional videographers can reproduce your video much better than you can. Ask your videographers how much he/she charges. You will certainly want to give your parents a copy or your best couple!

Things to consider

You will spend a lot of time with your videographers therefore make sure you are comfortable with him/her.

Look at a demo tape of previous weddings the videographers have produced. To assess the quality of the equipment, notice the color and the brightness of the screen, as well as the quality of the sound. Too dark or too bright is not good.

To tell the level of skill of the videographers, look at the pictures. They should be smooth and steady not jerky.

Also notice any special effects such as titles, dissolve and multiple screens.

Ensure you hire someone who specializes in weddings as they will be familiar with wedding procedures, familiar with reception and ceremony procedures they can anticipate the next action so as to position themselves to capture the moment.

Ensure that you confirm that you get all property rights over your photos and video. This will ensure that they are not used for marketing supplier services without your permission.

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