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Hiring a good photographer is one of the most important tasks in planning your wedding because chances are you and your fiancé will look at the photos many times during your lifetime. Spend quality time and some money to pick the best.

What to Check

Experience: hire a photographer who is experienced in wedding photography and one who is familiar with your ceremony and reception sites. Photographers who are experienced in professional photography understand the occasions’ procedures. You may tap VIP STUDIOS’ experience spanning over 17 years and you will have peace of mind.

This is important because he/she can anticipate the next move and be in the proper place at the right time to capture all the special moments.
Personal rapport: Comfort and compatibility with your photographer can make or break your day and your photographs! Your photos will reflect if you are at ease and also if you are not. So even if the photographer is an expert and you don’t feel comfortable or at ease with him/her do not hire them. At VIP STUDIOS we purpose friendliness first everything else later.

When looking at samples of any work see if the photographer captured the excitement and emotion of the day.

Do the photos tell a story? The album should unfold like a storybook – the story of your life. A good photographer should have a list of suggested poses for you to choose from. Choosing from VIP STUDIOS list is fun you will feel like your event should take off right then.

Discuss all the details of your requirements with your photographer so that there is no misunderstanding. Use the photography worksheet to select the photos you must have. Give a copy of that checklist to your photographer. Assign someone to ensure the photographer closely follows your list needs on the occasion’s day. At

VIP STUDIOS we assign you a director to perfect this.

Look at albums ready to be delivered, or proofs of recently photographed occasions. Look at photographers specialized in more candid, creative shots. Some photographers can do both. VIP STUDIOS have a team exposed to more than you can imagine.


When comparing prices, consider the number, size and finish of the photographs and the type of album the photographer will use to present the finished product.

We have all classes of wonderful albums to include exclusive designer photo books.

Wedding are memorable days that require unique filing. You may file your photos in albums. These vary in design, size, color, material and price. Review the differences between these albums and choose a design that you like and will feel proud of showing to your friends and family.


Parents are an integral part to your wedding. Their photos should be carefully selected for each individual family. Personalize the album with the bride and groom’s name and date of their wedding on the front cover and give it to them as a gift.


You may order extra prints in addition to the main album. These are usually purchased as gifts for the bridal party, close friends and family members. You may contract paparazzi for this or have the main album delivered and ask the bridal party plus friends to choose the copies they would like, then ask VIP STUDIOS photographers to produce them. Factor this in your budget but remember most people are willing to pay for the extra copies they would like. Re prints are fairly priced at our studio.


A great way to obtain many beautiful, memorable and candid photographs of your reception is to place disposable cameras on each tale at your reception, and to have your guests take shots of the event-free! Disposable cameras are available from Kodak or any leading supermarket and come pre-loaded with film. You have the option of 24 and 12 exposures per camera. Ask your quests to leave the cameras at their table or arrange for someone to collect the cameras after the event.

Ask your MC or wedding coordinator to encourage your guests to take photographs, even with their phones, without blocking each other or blocking your main photographers.


When asked to provide references, many photographs will give you the names of people they know you are happy with their work. Some may even give you names from weddings they performed several years ago. This may not indicate the photographer’s current ability or reputation. So when asking for references, be sure to ask for recent weddings the photographer has performed. This will give you a good idea of his/her current work. Be sure to ask if the photographer was prompt.

There are many companies with more than one photographer. Be sure you meet the photographer who will shoot your wedding. This way you can get an idea of his/her  style and personality.

Also, some churches have photography restrictions during the ceremony. Make sure your photographer understands the rules and regulations of your church before planning the ceremony shots. At VIP STUDIOS we visit the venues earlier to learn the rules and understand the sites prior to the event.


While this technology is well advanced, one needs a few images on hard copy and a few on frames.


Instead of developing all your photographs from either digital camera or from disposable camera into print and then placing them into a big album,  have your videographers transfer the images or scan the negatives directly onto video, which we can set to your favorite music. This technique is also known as ‘photo montage’.

This is another great way to store, display and reproduce your photographs. Copies of this video/ DVD can be made for considerably less than the cost of reproducing photographs and also serves as a wonderful gift or mementos to your friends and family members.

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